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Public Hearing on Canonmills Bridge Redevelopment - News from the Inverleith Society

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Public Hearing on Canonmills Bridge Redevelopment

Add your voice to the campaign to oppose demolition and re-development of the building occupied by “Earthy” on Canonmills Bridge.

There will be a public hearing on the application for demolition of the building on Canonmills Bridge on Wednesday 26 August in front of the Council’s Development Management Committee. The Society has been invited to give evidence and we will be re-stating our arguments for retention of the building.

We consider that the existing building makes a distinctive contribution which helps to give Canonmills a special character whereas the proposed replacement by a four storey block would detract from the amenity and character of the area and turn Canonmills into an another anonymous road junction.

Local residents and other interest groups have organised a public meeting which will take place in the Canonmills Baptist Church at 7 pm on Monday 24th August – come along to hear what others have to say, add your views and sign the petition to retain the building.

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