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Traffic in Inverleith and 20mph Limit

Many members have contacted us over the past year or two to express concern over the impact which traffic is having on the area.

Issues causing most concern include:

The increasing volumes of traffic using the main routes through the area - especially Inverleith Row and East Fettes Avenue - and the detrimental effects which this has for local amenity and the quality of the local environment. High volumes of traffic produce more pollution and make the experience of walking along our roads much less pleasant. Additional concerns are that the vibration caused by heavy traffic on Inverleith Row and Ferry Road is damaging the historic buildings which are so im-portant to the character of the area.

Excessive traffic speeds on the wide roads around the Botanical Garden and the Park – especially Inverleith Place, Inverleith Terrace, East Fettes Avenue. These roads are increasingly by drivers trying to avoid traffic and delays on the main roads. This is detrimental to the amenity of what are predom-inantly residential streets. Excessive traffic speeds and the increasing number of vehicles also make it difficult - and potentially unsafe - for pedestrians attempting to cross these very wide roads in or-der to access the park, the Botanic Garden or the school playing fields.

Over the years we have raised these concerns with the Council and made various suggestions for im-provements. Members will be aware that the Council is introducing a City-wide 20mph speed limit. The Society coupled its support for the general principle of lower speed limits with specific proposals for physical modifications to the wide roads of Inverleith which would help to discourage excessive traffic speeds such as introduction of a central island with trees or parking bays thereby reducing the apparent or actual width of the carriageway.

The Council’s position has been that the 20mph limit will be effective in deterring excessive vehicle speeds and anti-social driver behaviour. The 20mph limit is due to be introduced in our area in Feb-ruary 2017 so we will soon see what difference it makes.

We will carefully monitor the impact of the new speed limit. Please let us know your views on the current situation and in due course let us know whether you think the new speed limit has made any difference. Please also encourage anyone else living in the area who is not (yet) a member of the So-ciety to let us have their views so that we can reflect the views of those living in the area as effec-tively as possible.

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