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Botanic Lights - November and December - News from the Inverleith Society

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Botanic Lights - November and December

Members may be aware that the Botanics are running a light show in the Gardens over the Christmas period this year. The show will run on 30 nights from 24 November and on every night from 13 December to 30 December except Christmas Day.On days when the show is on the Garden will be open until 10pm. The Botanics did not engage in any prior consultation with the Society about their plans for this event which is clearly very disappointing. We have raised concerns with the Botanics management and with local councillors about the unwelcome disturbance which the event will cause over the Christmas period. A particular concern is the fact that the Botanics plan to allow entry to the gardens via the East Gate as well as the West Gate with the prospect that this will lead to traffic and parking chaos on Inverleith Row. Although the Botanics say they will try to encourage those arriving by car to use the West Gate we are concerned that some stronger measures may be needed. We have raised this issue with our local councillors who have undertaken to explore options for action by the Botanics and the Council which might help to impose some stronger controls.

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