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News from the Inverleith Society

Relevant news and updates as and when they happen

The Society Constitution

At the forthcoming AGM the Committee will bring forward a proposal for amendment to the Constitution to amend the Article which specifies the minimum and maximum number of members required to form the Executive Committee. Currently the Constitution specifies a minimum number of 8 and a maximum of 12.

Based on practical experience, the Committee propose to reduce the specified minimum and maximum numbers to 6 and 8 which we consider will ensure a continuing balance between effectiveness and representation. Follow the links to find a copy of the existing Constitution and the proposal for amendment.

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History of Warriston Playing Fields

In 2015 the Society responded to a planning application from “Baseball Scotland” seeking to develop permanent playing facilities on the Warriston Playing Fields.  As a result of our concerns about the baseball proposals the Society had some discussions with Council officials about their plans for future use of the playing fields.

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Royal Botanic Garden Newsletter

The Royal Botanic Garden has launched a newsletter "RBGEstates" to keep neighbours and friends up to date with what is happening on the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh site.

There are articles on The Botanic Cottage and the RGBE Nursery in the first issue. 

A copy of the first issue may be found here.

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Inverleith Conservation Area Review

The City Council has now concluded its review of the Conservation Area and has approved a revised version of the Conservation Area Character Appraisal, which is the key policy document guiding planning decisions in the area. The Society’s submission to the review is accessible on the website.

The revisions adopt most of our proposals for re-drawing the boundary of the Conservation Area so that it is more tightly focussed. The new document also includes some helpful improvements in the character descriptions and in the guidance identifying issues requiring special attention. However, with the recent experience of the decisions on redevelopment of Canonmills fresh in mind, we are in continuing discussion with the Council planners with the aim of securing adoption of additional guidance setting out more specific conservation priorities which should guide planning (and highways management decisions) to respond to the differing circumstances of different parts of the Inverleith Conservation Area.


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