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News from the Inverleith Society

Relevant news and updates as and when they happen

Botanic Lights 2015

The Inverleith Society has received details of the Botanic Lights event from the Royal Botanic Garden:

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22 Warriston Drive

Insertion of rooflights at 22 Warriston Drive

The Society submitted an objection to this application to draw attention to the anomalous inclusion of these streets within the Conservation Area. The proposal would disrupt the visual continuity of the street elevation which would be contrary to the policy for the Conservation Area.

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Fettes College Estate Office

Fettes College Estate Office adjacent to West Gate off Crewe Road

The Society objected to an application for this development proposed to be located in a small area of established woodland adjacent to the West Gate of the College grounds.

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Inverleith Conservation Area Review: How to Respond

The consultation period for the review of the Conservation Area Character Appraisal continues until 30 September.

This is potentially very significant for the area and we hope that all members will take time to consider the issues and respond to the consultation as suggested below.

Options for responding are as follows (you could of course do more than one of these):

  • follow the link to the Council’s online survey - - and complete the survey online;
  • write to the Council Planning Dept – lead officer is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
  • write to one or all of the ward councillors – Gavin Barrie (SNP), Nigel Bagshaw (Green), Lesley Hinds (Lab), Iain Whyte (Con) - contact details may be found here.

You may want to refer to the Society’s proposed response to the Executive Committee which may be found on our website. However you choose to respond, you may want to indicate that you support the Society’s views on the changes which are needed to the document.

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