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News from the Inverleith Society

Relevant news and updates as and when they happen

22 Warriston Drive

Insertion of rooflights at 22 Warriston Drive

The Society submitted an objection to this application to draw attention to the anomalous inclusion of these streets within the Conservation Area. The proposal would disrupt the visual continuity of the street elevation which would be contrary to the policy for the Conservation Area.

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Fettes College Estate Office

Fettes College Estate Office adjacent to West Gate off Crewe Road

The Society objected to an application for this development proposed to be located in a small area of established woodland adjacent to the West Gate of the College grounds.

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Canonmills Bridge Proposal Rejected

Canonmills Bridge – Council rejects proposal to demolish the building currently occupied by “Earthy”

After a public hearing at which the Inverleith Society gave evidence (along with other local organisations and local councillors) opposing both the demolition and the proposed new development, the City Council Development Management Committee has refused the application by the owners to demolish the building.

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Warriston Recreation Ground

What does the future hold for Warriston Recreation Ground?

The Society is concerned that piecemeal proposals for new developments at Warriston Recreation Ground are being considered without any proper opportunity for local residents to understand the Council's long-term plans for the use and management of the playing fields.

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